Temenos T24 ™

Actionable Information


Are your Bank’s managers getting the right  information at the right time from your T24 ™ Corebank?


Your ability to increase shareholder value, profitability and long-term customer loyalty is highly dependent on unhindered access to critical Bank information. Core banking systems host a wealth of data, but without advanced Business Intelligence (BI), an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data Warehouse (DWH) mining with sufficient historical reach, this data ends up being under-utilized.


IXI leverages Oracle's BI platform and Frametexx middleware to provide a uniquely powerful, ODS, DWH and BI solution to address this challenge by extracting information from T24 and other banking systems, and providing business managers and other bank decision makers with access to timely and actionable information.



Single Source of TruthIXI's solution ensures that your bank’s information, perhaps your most critical asset, is fully leveraged. It helps resolve information systems fragmentation, and effectively addresses and overcomes the limitations of outdated reporting systems proving too cumbersome to keep up with daily regulatory reporting needs.


The IXI solution provides your decision makers with the powerful BI tools necessary to have the full visibility to focus on value-added activities that drive business performance rather than wasting time on manually collecting data and hand-cobbling internal and statutory reports.


By implementing IXI's solution, your business managers will be able to easily retrieve and use predictive analytics to holistically evaluate information from T24 and numerous other Bank systems in order to formulate strategies, increase bank profitability, and focus your marketing efforts to enhance the value of your products and services to the Bank’s customers.  Read More or Contact us.