A Flexible, Intuitive and Powerful BI Solution

BI Pyramid


IXI equips Bank managers at all levels with powerful decision support tools and with a flexible, easy-to-define reporting platform.  Purpose-built for the TEMENOS T24 core banking system, IXI seamlessly interfaces with T24, as well as with other third-party data sources to streamline, optimize and standardize financial industry information and business performance management.  Leveraging Frametexx middleware and Oracle's Business Intelligence Platform, IXI's data mining, analysis and rapid report development functionality has been designed and carefully optimized to be intuitive and efficient.


With negligible impact on the T24 and working completely outside the COB (Close of Business), IXI routinely, efficiently and securely offloads the Bank’s data onto a stand-alone server allowing for sophisticated analytics including trend analysis.


Whether your managers need to routinely deliver regulatory reports or whether they monitor key bank operations, IXI offers a cost-effective, easy to use, flexible solution with state-of-the-art analytics and stunning visuals including dashboards with full drill-down capability at the push of a button.  Understanding and making decisions based on sound data has never been so easy.


A Closer Look at IXI's BI Solution


BI Architecture





A completely platform-agnostic solution, IXI's BI solution facilitates and consolidates access to the bank’s information systems. IXI is a highly configurable and parameterized solution that extracts raw T24 banking data, maintaining data integrity and security at all times, and effectively loads and transforms it into a coherent, actionable data model that can serve as the basis for customized reporting.


Utilizing both Oracle-specific and generic ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) data models of exceptionally high granularity, IXI is designed to mine any available data, including historical records, directly from the bank’s core information and transaction processing systems, as well as from a broad range of external data sources.








Empower Decision Makers with Decision Support and Custom Reporting Tools



Bank Regional Manager's Dashboard

IXI provides users with the ability to design their own dynamic custom reports, with full drill-down capability. It empowers bank personnel at any level with a highly intuitive and user-friendly browser-based interface that enables them to define and view any desired routine or ad-hoc report. IXI's deep historical reach – its ability to mine all T24-hosted historical records – enables well-informed trends analysis and effective future planning. The solution ultimately offers decision makers the clear visibility they need to maintain high business performance.


Security – always a major concern – is fully enforced with seamless support for T24’s native access control and user privilege definitions – all of which may be carried over and further customized within IXI. The solution also offers enhanced database-level security and supports secure encryption of sensitive banking data.




Retaining Core Banking System Availability with Zero Impact on COB Duration and Process Loads


IXI is as powerful as it is lightweight. It operates completely outside the Bank’s COB, extracting data directly from core transaction processing and other external data sources at any time. IXI therefore bears negligible impact on time-sensitive COB processes and on the availability of the mission-critical T24 core banking system.


Excellent ROI


The solution is affordable and consistently delivers fast ROI and measurable improvements in information management and business performance.