Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Frametexx GmbH

provides for flexible, scalable and efficient data extractions, normalization and loading into an Operational Data Store (ODS), which serves as a conduit for subsequent aggregation in a Data Warehouse (DWH).  The solution has been customized to work with TEMENOS' T24 core banking solution and can additionally integrate data from other banking and non-banking sources.  Sophisticated, automated workflows can be designed via an intuitive GUI and enabled on-demand.  Real-time "Eye in the Sky" monitoring and process controls are available to the Bank, including the provision for manual or automated rule-based data unification, harmonization and enrichment, prior to final historization in the DWH.

Frametexx provides support for:

-       Multi-Company setups, all T24 tables, fields, I/J descriptors, local reference and local development fields.

-       Full T24 support including compatibility with all new T24 components, e.g. TOCF (online), OFS (batch), TSDK, TAG etc.

-       Highly optimized, multi-threaded ETL for "raw" data export and "direct" loading into high-performance RDBMS.

Beehive Architecture

-       Automated, Optimized Indexing and Historization of Bank Data.

-       A repository for resolving foreign key relations between Temenos T24 applications.

-       Data Security via encryption and decryption.

-       Clustering and Load balancing.

-       Optimized, cost-effective Storage, Retrieval and Archival via "valid-to-date" partitioning.

-       Specialized procedures to handle large objects.

-       Pre-Built interfaces to ATM (ISO8583), FIXSchufaReuters and other middleware.

-       Common standards like XML, J2EE, SQL, etc.

-       Deployment of all workflows as WebServices in an SOA environment.

-       Full development environment including version control and release management.


All standard T24 data (Customer, Account, Statement Entry, etc) can be extracted & aggregated for data warehousing, analysis and business intelligence.

Beehive FLink Designer

     The Frametexx features provide:

     -      Comprehensive and flexible workflow design via easy to use GUI.

     -      Decoupling of analysis and reporting from core systems.

     -      Automated data transfers including triggers by change data capture.

     -      Client directed Intra-Day Extractions

     -      Real-Time mirroring of T24

     -      High Performance, Reliable, Scalable mass & granular data transfers