Database - Key Performance Indicators




At the heart of an organization is its business data which is growing at an alarming rate; currently doubling every year.  The situation will soon get worse as more users communicate via more channels and transaction volumes increase.  


Your managers and customers rely on the business information stored in the organization's databases and a significant part of the IT budget is spent in ensuring it's manageability and accessibility. 


Database availability and performance are KPIs for any IT organization.





   DBMS Challenges

Existing database monitoring tools issue alerts requiring the DBA to react, but at this stage performance degradation is already a concern and service levels are at risk. 


InnovizeIT for DB2 takes a proactive, system-wide approach and analyzes all components of your application code while simultaneously leveraging the available monitoring data to understand execution patterns and other key statistics.   InnovizeIT for DB2's top down approach pin-points performance improvement opportunities to recommend a prioritized set of remediation steps that will improve performance by up to 30% and empower your DBA to securely use InnovizeIT's drill down features to make and test changes before implementation. Read More